Technical Specialties Corporation
Serving the Heart of the Southeast since 1964


What we do:

We are a water treatment service company that provides chemical protection programs for water-bearing HVAC equipment to control scale, corrosion and biological fouling.  Our focus is on institutional, commercial and industrial water treatment services for  hot water or steam boilers, and cooling water systems such as cooling towers or chilled water circuits.


Who we are:

Technical Specialties Corporation (TSC) is a family-owned  and operated business established in 1964 by Frank Gerald (Jerry) Lloyd and his wife, Margaret Andrews Lloyd.

TSC is the brainchild of Jerry, who tested water samples from steam locomotives on the railroad beginning in 1945.

Today it is operated by Jerry and Margaret's oldest and youngest sons, Frank G. Lloyd, Jr. and David Lloyd.


How we operate:

Our principles are based upon practical programs applied efficiently and ethically.

We approach our customers as though we were the buyer. TSC promotes only the products and services needed, at a fair price.

A major priority is protecting the environment by maintaining green products which are biodegradable and safe to handle. Our turnkey programs provide for delivery and application of chemicals to the point of use, and removal of empty containers for responsible reuse.

We are a proud member of the Association of Water Technologies, Inc.